This is a shrine for someone dear to me *__*

We first met in 2021 on a stupid pony game.

We started talking almost everyday, we had our silly little nicknames and games, like marrying each other platonically.

Even if we re far away from each other. I can still feel your heart beating.

Remember Ill always be proud of you, and be there by your side,my sweet love, even when im not awake.


I cant believe its already been an year since we met.

We grow every single day and fall more and more in luv...

And because I love you so much,

I wrote you a poem.


Oh my dear

How could we be

I feel your heartbeat near

So perfect, lets leave it be

We grow up and heal each other

No doubt, We fit one another.

Oh my dear

Those peaceful eyes

My mind melts and how it lies

I cant escape this craziness

We re complete,We re mature, there s no madness.

Have a snack and enjoy the music (PS: the Winamp is at the bottom of the screen). After you read it all, close your eyes. Remind yourself that you re worth much more than you think. I love you baby

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