Welcome to my little corner of the internet!! This is a personal website where ill be rambling about stuff i enjoy, going back in time and enjoying the times when life was easier...

Ill be making all sorts of interactive shrines and let u explore furb's house.

im planning to remake some of my websites(including this one) so please be pacient. Im an amateur and i dont code that well, copy paste is my best friend here with little adjustements , I absolutely love old internet and thus im trying to achieve the look of old geocities websites combined with art collages, myspace and other stuff!!

Please enjoy what i have for now!! Thank you ^___^

Dont know what to do? explore Furbs house(BIG WIP),sign my guestbook , check my journal and look through some of my fav graphics!

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My names Spike/Sanford and Im under 18 so pls dont be weird rofl xD Im taken by the most amazing person in this whole world , Luv ya pups ^__^

Im Demisexual, Genderqueer and Questioning , Possibly Gay. I use He/They/Ey/Grunt/Furb/Skull pronouns!!

I hav a typin quirk, I usually curse a lot and use slurs i can reclaim, so be aware of that.

Im most likely neurodivergent and i have a hard time understanding things sometimes, get angry for no reason and have severe mood swings. plz be pacient!! Im seeking for an official diagnosis

I love Early internet, Internetcore, Weirdcore, Scene kid era, everything nostalgic, Rainbow stuffz, CATS,REPTILES!! My own ocs. Im a big music lover and would listen to anything as long as it sounds good to me, but i mostly enjoy Skrillex (most dubstep sux.) frenchcore and hardcore, ravecore etc etc u get the idea but im not limited to that!!

I love Madness Combat, Newgrounds stuff,Steven Universe, My Little Pony (especially Equestria Girlz), Invader Zim!! UMM im tryna remember ill prob add more l8r

I also do art journaling as a hobby that really calms me down!! I usually base them off of different aesthetics I like and print out a bunch of old internet pictures,gifs and backgrounds and stick them together, while also adding different objects i find across my room,no matter the thickness. Its a really fun process and i enjoy it :3

Hope you learned something about me!!

Please enjoy your stay here! Web first created on Apr 16, 2022 ㋡ Find me on Discord at CRY AB0UT IT.#1800 !!


5/27/2022 - I fucked up my web and lost progress. so woohoo new layout for the 100th time!!

5/14/2022 - Made a tropical shrine!! still working on it.

5/14/2022 - Finally made this page somewhat complete, more things coming soon!!


Make moar shrines,

rework on furbs house



Im also creating shrines!! check some of them out xD

anywayz u can explore furbs house if u want, but im gonna tell you: the pages r REALLY outdated and were created a long time ago when furbs house was my main index, until i decided to switch places. i hope u enjoy it either way. Im planning on revamping furbs whole house, with a bedroom,living room, bathroom etc. Its gonna be interactive too! this is gonna be a big project for me lolz xp