Welcome to my art page!! Here ill post different artworks

ive done in the past year till now!!

As you can see, i absolutely love drawing colorful stuff,

eyes as different sized circles, etc!!

It may also depend on the brushes im using,

because i dont have a preferred one rofl...

I use both Ibis paint X on my phone

and Clip Studio Paint on my computer!!

a lot of artworks are inconsistent

and HONESTLY... i dont give a flying fuck ^3^

as long as i have fun im good honestly

Its just a hobby ive been taking seriously

5 years ago...

I really wanna become a tattoo artist but we ll see...


Ive been starting off with drawing pony and wolf hybrids

and later on becoming a furry... best time of my life dude

in 2020 i started taking human art more serious

and in 2021 i went back to drawing colorful animals xp

I guess it just stuck with me and thats who i am.

BUT!! that doesnt mean i dont draw people from time to time!!

I have lots of ocs and you can check them out right HERE!!


Yes i do commissions, for real money!!

they re quite cheap and u can get a full shaded fullbody for

ONLY 15 EUROS/16 DOLLARS!! THATS RIGHT!! good deal i hope

so here are my prices i guess:

uncolored sketches are

[in euros] 5(headshot) 7 (bust/halfbody) and 10 (for a fullbody)!!

colored artworks are 7, 9 and .. well.. 15!!

Dm me on insta (@xx_spiked_ghostzxd_xx)for more info!! ^___^

Mini Rage Face Happy Smiley